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"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”
- First Lady Michelle Obama

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George Padua

Once a pun a time, there lived a raccoon. He awoke to free his folk. The driven, the passionate, the creatives, the mischievous that roam. He together with two began the quest, to answer one question: How many raccoons does it take to start a studio?

Nobel Siu

Strategist, gamer, and otaku. Nobel brings his passion and expertise in project management and entrepreneurship to foster growth at Raccoopack. He holds a BBA Honours degree from Simon Fraser University.

Aaran Manansala

Training to get to the next level 💪

Jason Ng

It's Jason

Farga Krishnanta

It's Farga

Jay Friso

I'm Jay Friso, the Director of Games at Raccoopack Studios. I believe game dev is an opportunity for people of all different specialties to come together, learn about each others talents, and get creative.

Pinia Chandra

Pinia is an aspiring artist, developer, and all-rounder creator with background in Computer Science and Applied Music Technology. She is always ready to animate, help others, and poll what's for dinner?

Kurt Tadeo

Everyday I wake up hoping to be a profession web dev, but as time progresses I'm really just a beef jerky eating nerd

Eiko Takeoka

Eiko's job, as Professional People Person (Community Manager), is to engage with the community and post (un)flattering photos of the pack on our social media. Her soul animal is the socially awkward penguin (yes, she is the professional people person)

Kyoko Takeoka

She goes by many names; some call her Multimedia Ninja, others call her content creator, she DOES NOT go by Eiko (never heard of her...), but mostly goes by Kyoko. She fancies video editing and a good couch co-op game with friends.

Miranda Lin

Adventurous and daring. Likes to explore and unlock secret areas. Obsessive about her projects, curious about how people think, passionate for metaphorical art. A love of all things periwinkle!

Hazel Dang

Hazel Dang is a senior illustration student in Emily Carr University. Besides art, she also has other hobbies such as listening to music, watching movies, knitting, and playing video games.

Susy Hsi

Observe the Super Stylistic Support Snail in her natural environment, the digital art realm. She helps with assets, mockups, and flashy designs. She has a background in VFX films as a technician and aspires to be a matte painter in the industry.

Sylvia Sol Paik

Sylvia is an aspiring concept artist who takes major inspiration from her favourite animes, video games, and K-pop songs. She designed Cook to the Beat’s animals, items and creatures in the kitchen, and several hats and aprons.

Kyna Rollo

Graphic Designer by day, Chipotle customer by night. Always hangry for snacks and opportunities to develop visual perfection.

Josh Sung

Josh is the composer, sound designer, and music supervisor for Raccoopack Studios. With both classical and contemporary training, he composes both concert music as well as music for films, video games, web series, and other media.

Joshua Ansari

Jack of all trades, master of some Passionate about games, creating true fun Viewing his passion as a craft, Josh doesn't have a defined role, instead helping wherever needed.

Max Ahn

Game design, programming, and motherly cows are among my interests. Also really enjoy interesting narratives, whether that be in the form of a book, a game, or an experience. Hoping you have a rad day - Max

Ryan Dieno

As the oldest and wisest member of Raccoopack, Ryan is a software developer responsible for games programming, iOS development and 3rd-Party integrations. When he is not scavenging for garbage he enjoys music, art, video games and fitness!

Ryan Oh

Ryan brings in the youth, humour and conflicts. And is working on development, design and bugfix(es). When not earning his pay, he's going f2play on gacha mobile games, and indulging in his kpop shames.

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